written in 100% Javascript

rawson.js has been written in 100% Javascript, you just need a modern browser to run in. No software downloads or plugin installs.

less than 500kb in size

rawson.js is just 500kb in size, while desktop raw processors require you to download dozens of megabytes

no traces on your system

rawson.js is the perfect choice for opening raw files on guest computers. It doesn't force you to store or convert files locally, and its traces can be quickly removed by clearing the browser cache.

Supports more than 400 cameras

Open .CR2, .CRW, .ORF, .NEF and many files more from manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, Olympus and Hasselblad, powered by a javascript port of the leading open source raw decoder dcraw.

zero-install, cross-platform

Enjoy the rawson.js on every platform, without prior installation. rawson.js runs in Firefox 3.6+ or Chrome 8+ on Windows, Linux or MacOS X

reasonable performance

Opening a RAW file takes about 5 seconds on my moderately equiped Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 laptop (AMD K685, 6GB RAM)In v0.2 the performance is poor on purpose, as we wanted to access real raw data. v0.3 should bring a smarter rendering mechanism again.

Being a passionate digital photographer, I was always annoyed by bloated desktop photo processing tools. The browser photo editing experience was disappointing too, because it limits the user to the lossy JPEG format and thus prevents any serious editing (e.g. color corrections, graduation curve adjustments). With rawson.js I want to overcome these limitations and create a full-fledged digital darkroom in the browser using the latest HTML5 technologies.
browser-based previews of all common RAW formats
Thanks to its dcraw "engine", rawson.js should be capable of displaying previews of all common raw files in your browser
easy-to-use editing functions
zoom, scale and rotate the opened photo. More editing functions can be added via an extensible plugin interface.
saving functions
rawson.js runs in your browser, but it doesn't destroy your work. At any time, you can download a JPEG copy of the photo you are editing. Image saving is handled purely by Javascript, you don't need any server-side component for that. New file formats can be added via a plugin interface
post to photosharing sites [Coming Soon!]
rawson.js allows you to post to edited photo directly to various photosharing sites. Currently, we support img.ur, but more photosharing services can be added via a plugin interface.
For detailed, per-version feature lists please check the changelog/roadmap

Will rawson.js run on Internet Explorer?

The rawson.js viewer application will not run on current versions of Internet Explorer (IE 9 or less), because IE doesn't support the W3C File API for local file access. This might change in IE 10.

Can I edit my camera raw photos in rawson.js like I do in Lightroom or RawTherapee?

Not yet. We 've introduced the rendering of real raw image data in v0.2, but there still is a long way to go to support editing.

Where can I find RAW sample images for testing rawson.js?

The camera reviews of Photography Blog and Imaging Resource usually include a few RAW images for each camera model. Rawsamples.ch provides a collection of older RAW images, but hasn't been updated since 2009. RAW images are quite big (30 MB and more), so please do not hot-link these files.

I receive a "script executing warning" when opening a raw file. What can I do?

Use a faster laptop/computer. Since v0.2, we are rendering the actual raw image data, not just the embedded preview. On netbooks/slower laptops it might take minutes until a raw image is opened. We are working on a mechanism to optimize the rendering of raw images for slower systems.

Update to the latest version of Firefox or Chrome, as the Javascript performance usually improves significantly between the versions.

Make sure you have closed/deactivated Firebug or the Chrome Developer Extensions. Especially Firebug can massively slow down rawson.js

Cross your fingers and try another raw file ;)

Any reason for the name "rawson.js"? What kind of animal is shown in the rawson.js logo?

"Rawson" isn't just a cool-sounding word starting with "RAW...", it is in fact the capital of the Argentine province Chubut, Patagonia. Before starting to work on my then undubbed RAW previewer, I travelled to Argentina and explored the beauty of Patagonia. During the travel, I also noticed certain tensions between Argentina and England. So I decided to name my project "rawson.js" in order to remind the two countries of their shared past (The city of Rawson was founded by Welsh immigrants in 1854)

The logo animal of rawson.js is a Commerson's Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus commersonii), whose very distinctive patterning might remind one of the Bayer filters used in Digital photography.

The following table shows all Camera RAW file types, that are (theoretically) supported by rawson.js. Because the RAW decoding component of rawson is a direct port of dcraw.c, it inherits all functionality from it.

For a detailed list of supported cameras, consult dcraw's supported cameras page.
The file extensions and their descriptions have been taken from ExifTool's Supported File Types

Extension File Format /Manufacturer
.3fr Hasselblad 3F Raw Image
.ari ARRI Raw Image
.arw Sony Alpha RAW
.crw, .ciff Camera RAW Image File Format (CIFF)
.cr2 Canon Raw 2
.dcr Kodak Digital Camera RAW
.dng Adobe Digital Negative
.eip Capture One Enhanced Image Package
.fff Hasselblad Flexible File Format
.iiq Phase One Intelligent Image Quality RAW
.k25 Kodak DC25 RAW
.kdc Kodak Digital Camera RAW
.mef Mamiya (RAW) Electronic Format
.mos Creo Leaf Mosaic
.mrw Minolta RAW
.nef Nikon (RAW) Electronic Format
.nrw Nikon RAW (2)
.orf Olympus RAW Format
.pef Pentax (RAW) Electronic Format
.raf FujiFilm RAW Format
.raw Kyocera Contax N Digital RAW or Panasonic RAW
.rw1 Panasonic Raw 1
.rw2 Panasonic Raw 2
.rwz Rawzor compressed image
.sr2 Sony RAW 2
.srf Sony RAW Format
.srw Samsung RAW Format
.x3f Sigma/Foveon RAW Format